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Hi, I'm Samantha Reeves

All fancily dressed-up for a wedding. 

All fancily dressed-up for a wedding. 

Office Manager by day, enthusiastic encouragist by night.  Encouragist?  Did I just make up a word?  You bet I did!  I have been told, more then once, that whatever project/craft/art that a person is working on is "all my fault".  What that means is that when someone tells me their "crazy idea" they've been thinking about I become very enthusiastic.  I encourage them to pursue their ideas and go for it.  Giant crochet Game of Thrones blanket, DO IT.  Gorgeous flowing white cosplay dress, DO IT.  Writing a first novel, DO IT.  

This time, with the creation of The Artisan Penguin, I am encouraging myself enthusiastically to pursue my own crazy ideas.

What is my crazy idea you may ask?  Well, that is a complex and constantly changing question.   After a twenty year absence drawing, painting and generally "arting" I've recently started up again.  I used to love doing arty things, and only stopped because I knew I wasn't skilled enough to make liveable money being an artist.  What got me back into art you ask?  Well I decided that I wanted to attempt watercolours.  I'm sure glad that I listened to that urge because I rediscovered that I love to make art.  

Around the same time that I rediscovered my love of art a friend of my suggested/convinced me that I should write book reviews of all the books I read.  I read a lot, not as much as some, but more than the average person I feel.  I read about an average of 2-3 books per week.  I've always loved the idea of writing, and have always admired authors who have ideas that they are able to commit to paper.  I've wanted to be able to do that myself but I never had complete ideas to even attempt to write a story.  Writing book reviews has been awesome because I'm giving myself the chance to write something and it has encouraged me to read even more.

I don't know where my path will take me but I can tell you that the basis of all my crazy ideas, is to have fun, enjoy what I'm doing and ultimately be happy.

With the help of my two cats, Vader & Loki, my partner Michael, and a whole bevy of amazing and supportive friends, The Artisan Penguin was born.