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Samantha Reeves, Multi-Tasker EXTRAORDINAIRE

 All fancily dressed-up for a wedding. 

All fancily dressed-up for a wedding. 

The one thing about me that you need to know is that I always have a TON of different things going on in my life and on my website. The Artisan Penguin reflects all of my creativity, from book reviews and paintings to arts and craft and from random musings to just about anything else I might think of.  Hence my slogan, "Arts & Crafts & Crazy Ideas".  I find that I tend to get tired and disinterested in a project if I'm only working on just one thing, so I do it all!

The one thing I have never gotten bored of is reading.  I remember, as a child, reading under the covers late into the night with a blanket pushed up against the base of the door so my mom couldn't see the light.  Somehow she always knew anyways that I was reading way past my bed time and would yell at me to put my book down and go to sleep.    

When a friend suggested one day that I should write book reviews, the suggestion touched a cord I didn't realize I had.  As I started to think about writing book reviews, I also started to think about art.  Late in 2016 I rediscovered my love of art and started painting watercolours.  I've always been a crafty/arty person and as a child my mom even wanted me to become an artist when I "grew up".  Back then I didn't feel I was good enough to actually make a career out of "arting" and it was something I stopped doing.  It wasn't until one day when I decided to buy a set of watercolours that I realized what I had been missing for the past 20 years, making art.  Soon I re-discovered that it was something that I was good at, at least good enough that I enjoy doing it (and hopefully you do too).

As the suggestion to write book reviews wormed it's way though my brain and my love of art was rediscovered, I recognized that I could do both things and that's how The Artisan Penguin was born.  Why "The Artisan Penguin" you may ask yourselves?  Well, I love penguins, and have for basically as long as I can remember, and as for "artisan", well, it's a bit of an inside joke with my spouse, Michael.

Dental Office Manager by day, The Artisan Penguin by night.  I now get to live two lives.  When I'm not working on various projects, you can find me spending time with Michael and our two cats, Vader & Loki.


If you are an author and interested in me reviewing your novel, please check out my book review request information.